Design custom images for your guest posts

Typically, For guest posts, you can only use one relevant link in the body of the content. Include relevant links in Design custom images your images A smart move here is to custom design some contextual images and make them Georgia WhatsApp Number List part of your guest posts. Most editors don’t hesitate to include a link to an image if it looks good and adds value It’s a win-win: you add value to your contribution, and you also get additional links to relevant pages on your site.

Publish survey-based videos, infographics, and slideshows

The reverse strategy can also work here. Find high DA blog posts. If the images in the article aren’t great, you can use your high-quality or creative visuals as an additional resource for getting backlinks. Fun educational videos and infographics are some of the most shared forms of content on social media. A piece of emotionally evocative visual content has a higher post-engagement impact Georgia WhatsApp Number List ranking. Utilize a range of emotions. Videos can be loving, funny, sad, hopeful, and even inspiring. As long as a media work strongly depicts a related and shared emotion, it is a great work with great sharedness.

Repurpose text-based content for images or infographics

If you are investing in visual content,  Infographics locally on your website But that doesn’t mean it’s the only place your visual content should live. You should upload all media Georgia WhatsApp Number List to the top hosting site and include a link back toDesign custom images  the native source (the page on your site) Be sure to review and follow all the rules on these sites – there are often unique rules, and if you break those rules, your content will be removed. This increases the of your content while Georgia WhatsApp Number List protecting links from high DA domains

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