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A few months ago we reviewed one of the new marketing methods. Data Driven Marketing , and now a new term is booming as a new digital marketing strategy. Data Driven Creativity . This method promises to be the evolution of everything users are looking for: personalization, technology, data and creativity. Find out more about this new concept. Index of contents Knowing the term Data Driven Creativity Why opt for Data Driven Creativity for your brand? How to implement it? Knowing the term Data Driven Creativity Simply put, it’s about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time . Data – driven marketing will always need creative copy , powerful ideas or attractive designs.

And in addition, personalized campaigns multiply their results by more than 50%. Thanks to the combination of economic technologies, data Hungary Phone Number and creativity, it is possible to deliver the right message to the right person. Some of the most successful companies of these times, such as Google, Apple, Amazon or Spotify have taken advantage of this mixture to develop products, experiences and focused messages. How do they do that? Through data analysis, and thus they can know or infer what matters to their users.

Data Driven Creativity or Creative

Intelligence is the name given to the new strategic approach, whose objective is to use the large amount of user data, coming from companies and the Internet, to develop creative and highly effective campaigns . Why opt for Data Driven Creativity for your brand? data driven creativity Social Industries “The agencies of the future are those that base their strategic and creative proposal on data, on consumer truths” Agathe Porte, CEO of BBDO Chile. Creatives that interpret data and probabilities, robots that discover valuable insights and advertisers that design their strategies according to the profile of each client; this is what Data Driven Creativity can give.

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However, of the great benefits of this method is that it allows companies to find relevant insights . “The best advertising is the one based on good insights . In addition, data analysis also provides information to design much more effective communication strategies; tailoring the message to the right segment, at the right time and medium . How to implement it. However, of the ways to implement this strategy is by personalizing the content of your home based on the company to which your visitor belongs . For example, by means of the navigation IP addresses, the content of the home page can be personalized. The visitor will find information about the most purchased packages and offers. On the contrary, for a larger company, the most sophisticated services or references of multinationals with which your company works will be shown. Another form of implementation is personalization based on psychographic criteria .

Here the Focus Is on the Personality

However, use to personalize content, they shown to double the response to a campaign. For example, in an effort by Cambridge Analytics to personalize political messaging in its pro-Brexit Facebook campaign, it used an OCEAN test ; to differentiate the audience around the big five personality traits. Users less open to changes were impacte with dangers about their culture with immigration, and inste. Used more conspiracy theories for those with a higher degree of neuroticism. Data Driven Creativity is the best way to take advantage of technology. However, the information we receive from users to personalize content. And thus do the necessary work to reach the segment that really interests us and optimize our campaigns. At WOM we want to help you find the best way to reach your clients in a creative way, schedule your free advice now .

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