Curated Content Can Add Value To Your Accounts

By adding a new point of view and more experience to your channels. Position yourself as an informed and helpful person By curating content and sharing this content, you can show how knowledgeable you are. That you know the sources of valuable information. Your audience can see that you look beyond your existing knowledge and know where to find the best information. They will also acknowledge your effort to share this knowledge and information with them. Give you ideas for more of your own content Content curation can not only help you fill out your social channels, but it can also help you come up with new content ideas.

Of course, I’m not talking about copying other people’s content. But you can reply to a post, you can make a collection of resources on a certain topic, you can contradict a piece, or write your personal opinion on a topic. 5. Help you build relationships Did you know that you can use content curation to connect with people? Let the author of a piece you share know that you curated their content. You can mention them in your social media updates. You can comment on its original content. Or you can let them know by email how you responded to their content.

This Can Even Inspire

A public conversation on the topic, which will add even more value. Your audience will appreciate it. 6. Save time (and money) Content creation is a time-consuming task. Even finding themes for your content can be a hassle. Content curation can serve as an efficient way to find new content Cameroon whatsapp number list  ideas and even help you with your content creation. There is so much great content and knowledge that it would be a shame not to use it. Heidi Cohen gives great advice on how to curate content into valuable new pieces of content by adding her voice to the information. By now, you should be able to see the value of content curation for the success of social media and content marketing.

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But as valuable as content curation is to you, there are some things that content curation can’t help you with, even though many people still think it can. Content curation cannot… 7. Help you increase traffic Ok, this needs some clarification. Curated content on your social media channels will not directly give you traffic. If you only share other people’s content, you won’t get traffic to your site. But if you use curated content to grow your social media audience, this audience can bring more traffic to your website once you share your content. However, if you run our social media channels with only curated content, you may build a social audience, but it won’t increase traffic to your site.

Position Yourself As An Expert

If you only share other people’s great content, you are not an expert in your own right. You are a distributor of content and a source of information, but you are not the expert. To position yourself as an expert in your niche, you need to add your own voice and share your own knowledge. 9. Help you run your social media on autopilot As said before, content curation is not the solution to all your social media problems. It can help you grow a social account by satisfying the constant need for more content. But even this content curation cannot be done on autopilot.

You will always get better results with social media if you put in the effort. Add your personality and your voice. Some tools can automatically retweet and share content that meets certain conditions, but this type of automation always carries the risk of damaging your reputation. You can never be sure if what you share by automation is up to your standard or if you share crab. 10. Save the use of your brain Content curation does not come with a magic button. You can use it to give impulses and ideas and fill gaps in your content marketing and social media marketing process.

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