Create visual content that educates, entertains, and engages your audience

The more visuals you share, The more likely your work will be included on a high DA site. This is especially true for video ads. This is why most good ads utilize a range of emotions. Videos can be loving, funny, Hopeful, And even Tunisia WhatsApp Number List inspiring. As long as a media work strongly depicts a related and shared emotion, It is a great work with great Just make sure to be next to such content or integrated into a link. On your web page But that doesn’t mean it’s the only place your visual content should live. You should upload all media to the Tunisia WhatsApp Number List. Top hosting site and include a link back to the native source (the page on your site).

Repurpose text-based content for images or infographics

This increases the of your content while protecting links from high DA sure to review and follow all the rules on these sites – there are often unique rules, and if you break those rules, your content will be removed  Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Publish the results of marketing campaigns, case studies, surveys and successful strategies in visual form: videos, infographics, slideshows and images Many top marketers and content creators like to cite the latest and most relevant statistics. These citations usually link back to the source. If your images and infographics meet their standards and cover trending topics, Tunisia WhatsApp Number Listyou can easily get citations when they publish content on their top-level domains.

Tunisia WhatsApp Number List

Text-based articles are great for creating visual content. You can turn data from existing articles into videos, images, or even entire articles into interesting infographics This type of content is highly shareable and acceptable Tunisia WhatsApp Number List because it is easier to digest. This gives you the double benefit of text and visual content. Find great blog posts (especially ones with lots of stats or list-based) relevant to your product and industry, translate the content into an infographic, and convince the site’s content manager to consider updating the article with your infographic  Alternatively, you can make text-based Tunisia WhatsApp Number List content with visual content. One of the best ways to do this is to make a transcript of the video.

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