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With the new conditions and rules that Google has determined for the SEO positioning of a website and articles of interest in the blog, companies are asking themselves more frequently: How can I generate more traffic to my site? What do I need for my website to appear in the Google search engine? Today we share some tips to generate more organic traffic to your site from Google. Let’s get started! Index of contents The value of traffic from Google for your website 6 Tips to generate traffic to your website 1- Indexed pages 2- Improve the click rate 3- Fix broken backlinks 4- Better and more extensive content.

Featured Snippets 6- Organize the content by themes or topics The value of traffic from Google for your website Data shared by Statista report that the Guatemala Phone Numbers market share of this search engine currently reaches 87.96%. For its part, Wordstream highlights that up to 35% of product searches start on Google. 6 Tips to generate traffic to your website 1- Indexed pages indexed pages Sistrix In order for traffic to be generated from Google, your website pages need to be indexed and displayed in search engine results. What do we mean by this?

That Google Indexes Our Content

Means that we appear in its search results . Indexing is the result of some of the bots (Google Bot) visiting our website to crawl it and add it to the Google index. To make it easier for the bot, it is recommended to carry out the following actions: Constant updating: Updating content daily will cause the Google to a daily crawl of your page. For example, when a new post, it indexed in a matter of hours or even minutes. Internal links: Link your relevant content, your internal pages of interest. Having a top menu of categories and subcategories is essential, in addition to internal links. Sitemaps: The sitemaps (site maps in Spanish) are files that collect all the URLs of a web page. If your page has many URLs.

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February 14 is one of the most special dates of the year. Therefore, Day is the perfect opportunity for brands to make customers fall in love with very emotional and impressive campaigns. If you are thinking of the best strategy for your customers to be delight with you this Valentine’s Day, today we share some ideas. Index of contents 1) Give experiences 2) Simple contest for the special date 3) Special Valentine’s Package Marketing Campaigns with Love Telcel realejos 1) Give experiences Valentine’s experiences Report BTL Identify the couples in love who are loyal to your brand so that they talk about everything that your products or services offer them, their advantages.

For Example, If Your Business

Therefore, restaurant, ask them to post photos or videos of the experience they have had on their social networks . Therefore, is also important that they mention the brand in order to have a greater number of visits and interactions. 2) Simple contest for the special date A good idea for customers to love your brand is with details such. As a contest on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). They can be simple initiatives. Such as love story contests, romantic photos, the most romantic gift among others. Valentine contest LEAD MOTIVE 3) Special Valentine’s Package valentine package.

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