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Company with platform-based products. But a platform-based company that has begun to operate as a group. However, the horse’s footsteps well done, but the face of 360 is very vague. The above-mentioned businesses, in the past year, were basically Netherlands Phone Number still under the name of 360, and the outside world used 360 to refer. To the entire group, which led to the blurring of the face of the entire company. Not clear enough. This means Netherlands Phone Number that zhou hongyi must carry out a brand remodeling. And organizational structure adjustment. Otherwise, the main business of security will lose its independence. When rivals baidu and tencent continue to strengthen their security. Layout with the help of mobile terminals.

The Situation Becomes Netherlands Phone Number

More and more critical. Qihoo’s effect in the capital market is facing a direct weakening. Refocusing on the main business requires effective spin-off and remodeling of its brands and product lines: 1. 360 a deeply rooted brand and the Netherlands Phone Number foundation of the company. It must used to strengthen and reshape. The main business of safety, and must further internationalized. As you can see, zhou hongyi and qi xiangdong. Have personally Netherlands Phone Number explained that the 360 ​​brand will fall on safety. Moreover, zhou hongyi said that the company is not an internet. Security company, but a “secure internet company”. Obviously, the semantic focus is on “security”, and the internet. Is only a tool and means of realization.

In This Context, Netherlands Phone Number

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

Do you think that zhou hongyi bought Netherlands Phone Number the international top-level. Domain name for 100 million and will use it for other purposes? No, it will definitely become the coordinator of 360’s main. Security business and play a key role in 360’s internationalization. In the price of huge sums of money, zhou hongyi’s ruthlessness. Implied, as if saying: no matter baidu or tencent, if you want to move my feet and foundation. In the field of Netherlands Phone Number security, there is no way. Unless you change your main business. This step called defensive reinforcement. In go, it the kind of solid strategy that implemented. Without incident, before attacking. When the company’s positioning changed from “internet security. To “safe internet”, 360’s market boundaries expanded.

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