Colleagues That We Are Luxembourg Phone Number

Colleagues that we are actually better than others think. But today, all people think that alibaba is great, the pride of china, the miracle of the Luxembourg Phone Number internet, and e-commerce is doing so well. In fact, we are far from being as good as others think. We are still a very young company, only 15 years old, 15 years. Of success does not mean you will be successful in the future. We are doing things that no one has done before. These things make Luxembourg Phone Number us look at ourselves rationally. When others say you are good, you must know that you are not that good. When others say you are bad, you have to think about it. Actually, we are okay too. So we are constantly adjusting our mentality to this day.

We Did Expect Luxembourg Phone Number

That we have come to this day. To tell the Luxembourg Phone Number truth, our people in alibaba today must be much. More capable than 15 years ago, but if we go again, the same group of people will go again.they will definitely not reach today. Time has passed. I interviewed 8 young people last week. To prepare for their own business, we set up a university Luxembourg Phone Number called lakeside university to train and discover entrepreneurs. I listened to these 8 people for two hours, and i felt guilty. I think it was fortunate that they did it 15 years ago. If they did it now, they would definitely be killed. Today’s young people are definitely more capable than us.

But When Others Luxembourg Phone Number?

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Oppose you, you can convince Luxembourg Phone Number yourself and your peers to go on the road together. This is my first point, i didn’t expect to get to this day. The second point, let me tell you, 15 years ago until now. I never imagined that there Luxembourg Phone Number would be so much difficulty, so much trouble, and so much pain. I have really told myself more than once. Would you like to come? I said i’m not coming. Jack ma, one day you will be so successful, but you have to pay so much. Are you willing? I’m telling the truth, i don’t want it, it’s also the truth, i’m here today to tell you the truth, to tell the truth.

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