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Years ago, when there was talk of having a digital presence, answering “I already have a website” solved the issue in the short term. Having a Digital Marketing agency was a distant option or one that only large companies could consider. If something has changed with speed, it is the way of doing marketing to create a brand presence. Before, the concept was to place in a digital space, the same thing that was done in the real world: a promotion. An attractive image and a telephone could be enough. Then came Web 2.0 and the presence of Social Networks: terms such as SEO and search engine optimization began to have greater relevance.

The client discovered the power of a comment or a recommendation. The consumers themselves became the main promoters of the brand. Given this, many companies turned to creating a profile on Facebook, hoping that the likes would Thailand Phone Number customers. Index of contents The Urgency of a Successful Digital Transformation Keys to choose. Digital Marketing Agency Establish the place that digital marketing occupies in your internal team. Have well identified the tasks of the team that will support you: Know your work methodology. Know what to ask for in the first consultation: Build a relationship of trust and long term: Conclution. The Urgency of a Successful. Digital Transformation Having the experience of a digital marketing agency goes beyond remodeling your website.

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That put this trend towards a successful digital transformation into perspective: According to Forrester data for 2020, almost half of company revenues will be influenced by digital channels. For retail, it is forecast that digital channels could account for 58% of its sales in 2020. According to the consulting firm Gartner and its annual CMO Spend Survey , each year the spending budget for marketing areas grows by more than 10%. The expense category where the most is invest is the Internet. 65% of CMOs state that spending on digital commerce will increase significantly. Digital marketing agency Consultant Academy Keys to choose a Digital Marketing Agency If you are a business owner or marketing manager and have decided to grow your internet presence, it is important that you know what you are looking for.

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However, recognition of your strategy can be with a digital marketing agency that identifies your needs. For this reason we share some essential points: Establish the place that digital marketing occupies in your internal team. Before starting the search between the different agency options, it is important that the internal team. However, your company is in sync with digital trends; their willingness to collaborate with an external team will be one of the pillars to manage. The presence of the brand on the network. Have well identified the tasks of the team that will support you.

Within Digital Marketing There Are Different

However, that will be in charge of carrying out the strategies: the Community Manager (CM) has an important role as well as the analytics or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists . Will the Administrator of your account be the same CM or someone else? It is important that the distribution of tasks is clear from the beginning. However, your work methodology: Communication between the client and the agency must flow to create a positive space for the exchange of information. Maintaining an open disposition between both teams from the beginning guarantees the success of the actions in the short and medium term for the benefit of the presence of your brand on the network. Know what to ask for in the first consultation. Choosing the analysis of your website or the analysis of your social networks are examples for a good start.

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