Case Study Air France’s Digital Innovations Largest French Airline

The largest French airline has also developed its digital strategy in order to reach as many people as possible. Except that it does not stop only in France. It wishes to reach people internationally, in order to develop its e-tourism. It Bahrain Phone Number List regularly innovates in order to adapt to new trends that attract customers. In its latest digital strategy, announced in February 2019, air France presented its new application. Its use of facial recognition, or its artificial intelligence, etc. All the novelties are present to satisfy and reassure the traveler during his trip.

Your Digital Strategy Agency Reviews the Innovations Announced

The convergence between tourism and digital is inevitable. It has become an essential mode of promotion and booking for the tourism sectors, but also for travel. It offers its customers the means to prepare, organize and book their Bahrain Phone number trips on the Internet. To reach as many people as possible, it is good that tourism professionals are developing on digital. Several elements now play an important role. Among them, we can find cartography, an essential tool for preparing a trip, which is becoming digital.

Elements of Air France’s Digital Strategy Air France

Air france is no longer satisfied with simple functionalities on its application. Available on ios and android, such as ticket purchase, display of the boarding pass, or even. Consultation of flight schedules. The company decided to go Bahrain Phone Number List further and develop more functions. The first new features unveiled concern google pay and apple. Pay payment methods have been added to the classics. Among the other new features of the application. We can also find features that facilitate the customer journey. Internet users can now register in just 3 clicks and must fill in their. Regulatory information by simply taking a photo of their passport.


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