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But there is a very obvious fact that the key to the development. Of rural e-commerce whether the channel can really sink, and the “scale” operation can carried out by establishing a real business model. According to the data, as of june 2014, the number of netizens in my Bahamas Phone Number country reached 632 million, with a total of 14.42 million new netizens in half a year. The internet penetration rate was 46.9%, an increase of 1.1 percentage Bahamas Phone Number points from the end of 2013. Among them, the number of rural netizens reached 178 million, accounting for 178 million of the total, accounting for 28.2% of the total. According to another data, there are currently more than 680,000 administrative villages in china. With a rural population of 940 million.

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Long-term rural residents is 750 million. This means that Bahamas Phone Number among the rural population in china. The internet penetration rate is 23.7% a figure that is likely to rise to 30% in 2015 as the mobile internet has lowered internet access. Threshold in recent years, and these users distributed in more than 680,000 villages inside. No matter from Bahamas Phone Number which point of view. Compared with the promotion of rural internet users, operation and management issues are the key. Let’s take a look at the current practices of internet companies in rural areas. Needless to say, ali weibo is booming. But it actually deserted. As for operations, the logistics sites set up by in rural areas are still worth mentioning.

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An auxiliary route, not on the main line of rural e-commerce Bahamas Phone Number operations. Since it a collective distributed platform for rural communities, not the centralized platform of e-commerce. How to form a mature Bahamas Phone Number business model that truly. Stimulates these “webmasters” to take the initiative to operate, and to link these distributed. Communities at the same time , to become a network-style cross-interaction platform. Therefore, for rural e-commerce, the key to development lies in operation. And the foundation of operation is the establishment of a complete business model . Here, a concept can put forward. Chain management of rural e-commerce”.

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