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But in the past one or two years, i have found that wangsu. Has begun to pay more and more attention to enterprise-level customers. Of course, if the price is lower it’s even better!” the first factor for wangsu’s rapid development. Is the redeployment Colombia Phone Number of business models and technologies. As well as, vice president of wangsu, said frankly. In the previous business model of wangsu, sales of large customers were the main business. But small and medium-sized customers. Were the basis for wangsu to obtain continuous Colombia Phone Number cooperation. More and more customers will cultivated and valued. Wangsu has accumulated many years of accumulation and high penetration. As well as,  rate in the traditional internet enterprise market.

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As well as, markets in the new Colombia Phone Number market expansion. The government and enterprise market and the mobile internet market. A major product in a large market . Among them, the enterprise application acceleration. Solution appa can accelerate all applications based on the tcp layer through the industry’s first etcp proprietary. High-efficiency Colombia Phone Number transmission protocol technology, and supports cloud application and vpn acceleration. Mainly for finance, home appliances, and online education and other industries . In the mobile internet market, wangsu released the maa mobile. As well as, acceleration solution. Which has greatly improved the transmission speed of mobile applications.

Cloud Computing Drives Used Colombia Phone Number

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In various mobile applications such as didi taxi, baby tree, and hna. Maa has achieved a major breakthrough in wireless transmission Colombia Phone Number optimization technology, which can increase. The average communication rate by more than 50% on the basis of normal communication rate, greatly. Improve the mobile Colombia Phone Number internet access experience, and can be used. For e-commerce, finance, information, social networking, o2o offline to online, etc. Applications in many fields. In addition to wangsu’s adjustment of its own business strategy, the development. Of cloud computing is accompanied by cdn technology, and cloud computing, mobile internet, big data, etc. And enterprise needs are gradually being released.

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