Blockchain the Capital Platform of the Future

Blockchains offer the internet of value: a platform to reinvent business and sectors such as finance, business, health, education and government. In 2016 the book Blockchain Revolution was publish. It explains how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), better known as Blockchain. Will transform the future of the global economy, triggering automated and decentralized information management. If the first generation of the Digital Revolution brought us the internet of information. The second is powered by the Blockchain, and offers us the internet of value: a platform to reinvent businesses and sectors such as finance, business, health, education and government. Digital capital The Blockchain was built in 2009, starting from Bitcoin.

It was created by the Internet user (or digital group) “Satoshi Nakamoto”, mixing a peer 2 peer (P2P) shared file system ; an open, public, indelible India Phone Number incorruptible ledger; and a cryptographic function that ensures the security of the ‘coin’. Nakamoto allowed users to carry out their transactions directly, without resorting to financial institutions. In addition, the costs are substantially lower than those executed by the global financial system, without time limits or bureaucratic processes. To verify and generate new bloks. P2P network to exchange data – think of programs like BitTorrent or Napster.

Competitive and Transparent Process

However, to carry out a decentralized information process. The decentralize model manages the information so that the data is in different nodes, around the world. Thus, each web user can access the database without the help of a central administrator. However, is crucial that various users (nodes) verify the transactions, to agree on the integrity of the data. Thus, the Blockchain process is as follows: Data storage , replicating the information of the block chain. Data transmission through P2P networks. Confirmation of data through consensus among the participating nodes, in an open, competitive and transparent process.

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However, may also be interest in What is Blockchain and why -almost- everyone talks about it? We still have a lot to develop if we want to promote the use of cryptocurrencies, but there are already interesting examples in different industries. Next, we share some of the various applications that users and companies are giving to the Blockchain: Ethereum. A platform built on Blockchain to manage smart contracts. What if you need to sign an investment contract to finance a new product? You could sign an investment contract to finance a new product. However, is how production starts automatically, and if any clause , the contract returns the investment without losing a single penny, and without going to notaries, lawyers or third parties. Credit Default Swap.

A cryptocurrency launched by Burger

However, are the credit default swaps that caused the housing bubble of 2008. Property registration. The Japanese government plans to unify the registration of its urban and rural properties in an open database. Which allows the data of these properties to be consult. A cryptocurrency launched by Burger King Russia to serve its digital customers. Reclaiming Medicine (REMEDI). However, FedEx Institute of Technology and Good Shepherd Pharmacy seek to build REMEDI. It will be an infrastructure to recover medicines that were cancer patients, and create a free reserve for those who cannot acquire them.

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