Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation

The public available on the Internet is immense and the digital marketing strategies that can help you attract them are innumerable. However, carrying them out with primacy is a great challenge for both small entrepreneurs and large companies. This is where marketing automation comes in! According to the Salesforce Trends in Workflow Automation stud. Which collects data from more than 25,000 people, automation has become an essential requirement for work teams. 95% of IT and engineering leaders say their companies are prioritizing workflow automation, and 75% have achieved time savings of at least 10% of working hours.

This allows employees to reduce manual tasks and spend more time on strategy. For its part, Hubspot’s Not Another State of Marketing 2021 report states that 65% of marketers surveyed believe that automating marketing and sales processes Bahrain Phone Numbers is a “highly effective” or “very effective” strategy. marketing-automation Index of contents What is marketing automation. Benefits of marketing automation Marketing automation applications lead scoring Lead nurturing. Abandoned cart strategy remarketing campaigns Conclution: What is marketing automation. Marketing automation or marketing automation is the use of software to carry out marketing actions in an automated way .

Thanks to This, a Company Can Carry

Out processes that would naturally be difficult and achieve more efficiency and results and greater control and monitoring of them. If we expand the concept, we can say that marketing automation is a technological solution that helps brands collect data from their users. Optimize their interactions, segment their customers, qualify leads (prospects), through the lead scoring. And enhance your omnichannel strategy. Thanks to the integration with different contact channels such as Email, Website, WhatsApp, Chats, SMS, among others.

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Are you ready for the opportunity that automation of your sales gives you. Contact us and receive a free consultation Benefits of marketing automation. Thanks to the implementation of marketing automation, a series of advantages are , among. Which the following stand out: It allows developing complex marketing processes that, in a natural way. would be difficult or could not be done. Provides more efficiency and reduces costs and staff time . The company gains greater control over marketing actions and can also track their impact in detail .

It Allows Designing Automatic Education

And maturation processes of a database (lead nurturing) . Thanks to marketing automation, the right email and content is to the right user at the right time. It also makes it possible to automatically detect the registries that are most prepared to receive a commercial offer. Taking into account their profile and their behavior with the company (lead scoring). Creating strategic and personalized communications that are executed automatically is the most efficient when it comes to making the most of every sales opportunity that arises. Marketing-automation Marketing automation applications The secret is not automation by itself, it is its multiple applications that make this tool one of the most powerful for businesses within the digital ecosystem.

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