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Before being acquired, tudou, after seven or eight years. Of normal development, has never established its own industrial advantages. In the entire wang wei era, we cannot think that tudou has made. A fundamental breakthrough in the Conduit CN video industry. As for youku after the acquisition of tudou. Even so / though,the industry leader, it was greatly shortened. In just one year in 2013. The current situation and characteristics of this Conduit CN industry are more like a nascent industry. Not like the internet industry that has gone through nearly ten years. Even so / though,it should have been very mature. Therefore, it is worth considering what stage of development the video industry is currently in. Whether it is entering “adulthood” as the industry thinks it.

Audiovisual User Migration Conduit CN

As part of community migration Conduit CN a phenomenon. The video industry has developed to this day. The top players who have been in the lead for seven or eight years still cannot see any sense of security. It seems that the latecomers still have the opportunity to turn the tide. In addition to the little change in the industry itself, it also Conduit CN shows that practitioners. Have limited in-depth development of industrial value. This can be seen as the reason that after five or six years. Of development in the video industry, iqiyi was able to catch up after relying on capital, while tudou did not gain. A real first-mover advantage after long-term cultivation. If the development of the video industry is considered. In the commercial ecological environment in which the current social.

Population Lives and Conduit CN

Conduit CN

Consumes, perhaps everything will Conduit CN become more clear. Even so / though, it will be clear what is the driving force behind the development of the video industry at this stage. The prevailing view is that the optimistic outlook for the video industry is based on the continued mass migration of tv audiences to the video front. Of course, it’s true that the video industry’s market prospects are optimistic. But there are problems with this basis. A more accurate description is that the entertainment life of consumers is indeed Conduit CN shifting from reality to the network on a large scale. Even so / though, transfer does not mean that consumers go directly to the video. What really attracts consumers to migrate is the increasingly. Mature online business ecology and related supporting facilities.

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