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Backlinks are one of the most critical ranking indicators on Google. In addition a recent survey of more than 11 million google search results. Indicates that there is a strong correlation between ranking and the number of indexed. Domains the number of backlinks includes all the links from external sources pointing to your site. But the indexing field represents the number of unique domains to which you have inbound links. The quality of the backlinks is more important than the quantity. Ten Links from High and Authoritative Domains Are More Valuable Than 100 Backlinks. From Medium or Low Quality Domains Also While All the Links You Post Can Help Your SEO Links From. New Indexes Are Often More Powerful Than Links from Sites You Already Link To.   SEO metrics backlink report in hares Ahrens is a great SEO tool to track backlinks and indexing sites.

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You link to, the pages they link to, and the domain ratings of these reference domains. Top ranked keywords when you’re working on optimizing your website by prioritizing. For your target keywords it’s a good idea to monitor your rankings Brazil Phone Number for those keywords. By knowing your common keywords, you can get a sample of the visibility section on organic search. Right now and you can decide whether to focus more on optimizing for those keywords. Or not target other keywords you want to rank for but not yet. You can monitor your passwords with a location monitoring tool like SEMrush. The organic search space report shown below helps you monitor changes over time and see how your search visibility has improved.

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On keyword rank and location Pages crawled daily A fast crawling rate means that Google crawlers can index your site easily and quickly improving your chances of getting a higher ranking in the SERPs. In the Google Search Console, you can see how many pages Googlebot crawls per day over the last 90 days by going to Settings Crawl stats. SEO metrics crawl statistics in the Google Search Console If you have hundreds of pages and only a percentage of them crawl this could be a problem with your crawling budget. Googlebot will not crawl your entire site if you have to spend too much of your system resources in doing so. While crawling rate doesn’t necessarily lead to better rankings, it is a technical SEO.

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