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The backlink segment contains three different graphs. The large graph on the left reports the types of links your backlink profile contains, the graph on the upper right shows Follow vs. The graph on the lower right shows the Belgium Email List number of links removed since first discovery Here, you want to pay attention to the ratio. You should have more Backlink Breakdown Anchor (station links made with text) than any other version. You also want most of your links to be follow links and few to be removed. In the case of Everyday Carry, A quick analysis Belgium Email List showed that they had a significant number of No Follow links.

Referring Domains Backlink Breakdown Anchor Tab

I’ll notice this in my inspection and designate it as a deeper inspection Anchor text is the word used to build links. For a quick understanding, this page from will help. For a deeper understanding, This guide to Belgium Email List SEO will teach you everything you need to know. Anchor text helps Google understand, What your site (and pages) are about. The more links that point to your site using specific anchor text, The more Google considers your site to be relevant Belgium Email List and authoritative for those words However, Anchor text can be easily abused, and Google is quick to punish obvious manipulation.

Note That It Is Sorted by Trust Flow

In a quick analysis, I would like to see that the vast majority are “other anchor text”, with the second largest (between 5-10%) being the brand name as well as the website name. We want healthy variety and some good keyword Belgium Email List and brand name usage. Everyday Carry is an exact match domain (EMD), which means their domain name (which is also their brand name) is also their primary SEO keyword. Once upon a time, EMD was good for SEO and Belgium Email List rankings, but Google has filtered it out of the algorithm. That’s not to say it’s bad for Everyday Carry, but it affects their anchor text distribution, Which we can see in the graph.

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