Augmented Reality and Rich Marketing

The movie The Game (1997) is an interesting example of Augmented Reality . As a birthday present, the investor receives access to a game whose plot, actors and events are integrated into his daily life, without his knowledge. But how can we use it in a marketing strategy. Index of contents What is augmented reality? Gafas Google HoloLens Metro Paris Subway rich marketing real elements virtual elements interactivity 3D What is augmented reality. Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that complements real world objects with digital elements. This combination can be visual, auditory, tactile, somatosensory and olfactory. Be careful, this is not a synonym for Virtual Reality .

However, it replaces the user’s real environment with one that is simulat on the computer. Augmented Reality intermingles digital data (such Iceland Phone Number images, videos, sounds. Or animations with) physical information to “augment” the perception of the real world. However, the help of various gadgets, Augmented Reality superimposes computer data. On our physical environment, in real time, which complements and expands our interaction with the natural world. Some of the most notorious examples of Augmented Reality in recent years are the following.

Augmented Reality Glasses Gafas Google

However, Google The idea behind these glasses is to combat our increasing interaction with the world through smartphones or tablets . Google Glass would remove those distractions, bringing the digital age into our range of common vision, hoping to make the relationship between technology and reality more natural. Augment reality HoloLens HoloLens It is equipp with a series of cameras that project holograms on any surface. However, great innovation is in the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU), which unifies real environments with the images generated by the HoloLens optical system. Paris with Augmented Reality Metro Paris Metro Paris Subway It is an app about public transport in Paris.

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With the help of a compass and GPS, you just need to focus your camera on a street. This overlays information showing the nearest subway stations and the location of some restaurants. rich marketing _ In marketing, Augmented Reality can deliver distinct, unique, and powerful messages to audiences. But its main objective is to impact, because Augmented Reality: It allows them to compare products and prices of different brands or establishments. They discover offers and promotions that could interest them more, or to get the best of your services.

Indicate the Closest and Recommended Places

However, purchase, so that they can find you easily. These facilities arouse the user’s interest, satisfaction and fascination with your brand. However, you want to achieve this with Augmented Reality, there are 4 tools you can take into account: real elements They are your products/services, points of view and consumers. But how can you share your value in a more tangible way? For starters, you can use things like QR codes , which promote customer interaction with your brand. Just include them in your product and service brochure to give them access to text, images, videos or 3D models. virtual elements It is the interaction with your product. Make it rotate, change color or personalize it.

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