Attract the Attention of Your Buyer Persona

Attracting the attention of your Buyer Persona or the ideal client is the reason why we choose strategies and implement them. Afterwards, it is important to measure results and, if necessary, make adjustments to consolidate the type of messages that work best for our audience. However, the “new normal” asks us to pay more attention to those micro-moments in which we can capture the customer’s attention. We live in a stage where users spend even more time on the screens of their digital devices than before the pandemic. The increase in online veins is proof of this.

Customers carry out a series of actions when they need to acquire a product or service: review, consult, compare, evaluate, to name a few; Social Egypt Phone Numbers Networks and web pages are therefore two essential attraction channels in any strategy. How to attract the attention of that potential customer who constantly scans your screen? Without a doubt, it is the challenge of all brands and thoroughly understanding our Buyer Persona can be the key to connect.

Index of Contents 4 Elements

To attract the attention of the Buyer Persona 1- The Message.The Format: 3 – Storytelling: 4- Personalization: Conclution. Elements to attract the attention of the Buyer Persona. The Message: The communication strategy should be as clear as possible. At this point, it is essential that our ideal client manages to explain in a simple. What the brand is communicating . Elaborate copy that takes minutes to read loses seconds of attention and reduces. The chances of being read. Of course: a message on Facebook, an email or the copy. On a web page is not the same, but the clarity of the idea that you want to convey is what always needs to be an objective.

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Attract-attention 2- The Format: Nowadays, there are many formats to get our message across to the customer: video, audio, downloadable guides , e-books , images, text, infographics, interviews, live demonstrations, behind-the-scenes recordings, recommendations , etc. The important thing here is to focus on the type of content that the buyer person uses the most . It is important to take into account that we fall into the trend that if something is gaining a lot of strength, our brand must also be there. This is the case of the new TikTok platform: suddenly, “everyone ” is there and we fall into the error of doing for doing.

The Audience Fixes Their Attention

On the content that creates a link and if there is no good message in the content of our TikTok. No matter how trending it is, they will not listen to us. Phone with tik tok app 3 – Storytelling: Speaking of links, the objective is to generate trust and enough knowledge. That they know my brand, accept it, buy it and also recommend me . We achieve all this over time by generating links that remain longer in the memory of our buyer person . It is important to remember the importance of the story that our brand shares. The messages that generate an emotion. those that not only seek to sell but also connect. With the circumstances that surround our ideal client : How is he? How does it feel? How does he speak?

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