Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Marketing

The market evolves with new technologies, and the same happens with marketing. Today we have tools like Automation , chatbots or Augmented Reality . And there is also Artificial Intelligence , which is playing an increasingly important role in marketing processes. Artificial intelligence has been worked on since the 1950s, when mathematician Alan Turing developed a test to determine the intelligence of computers. The idea was to determine if a machine could reach the same cognitive level as a human. This gave way to “machine learning”, a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows machines to learn and improve, through experience, without the need to program them or enter new data.

Index of contents By 2020, 85% of consumer interactions will be able to take place without human intervention. Gartner Marketing AI 72% of Hong Kong Phone Number consider Artificial Intelligence a competitive advantage. PwC 33% of marketers use AI to deliver personalized web experiences, and 63% of them report better lead conversion rates. everage With the support of Single Grain, Emarsys and Tech Mergence By 2020, 85% of consumer interactions will be able to take place without human intervention. Gartner Here, the most successful and used Artificial Intelligence is RankBrain , which interprets your questions to find pages that you did not search for with the exact words.

What it does is associate your search

History with similar topics , using keywords and phrases to give you more precise results. And recently “deep learning” emerged: neural networks with a huge collection of algorithms that mimic human intelligence. Perhaps the most impressive example of his ability is the game of Go between Lee Sedol and the artificial mind of Google, in 2016: Marketing AI There is already a lot of talk about marketing AI : Artificial Intelligence as a branch of marketing. It focuses on bridging the gap between interpreting data and executing strategies based on its results. 72% of marketers consider Artificial Intelligence a competitive advantage.

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However, In the medium term, artificial intelligence solutions could improve. The user experience with searches that personalize their purchase journey and make them fall in love with the brand. Some of the Artificial Intelligence resources that are revolutionizing marketing are the following. Predictive analytics would allow data use to predict buying trends and user patterns. However, the Amazon store, which offers you various products that you might be interested in, based. On your past purchases and searches. An ideal tool for this activity is Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager .

There, You Just Have to Define Your Target

However, and campaign objectives to obtain the strategies that will allow you to achieve the results you want. AMP websites are versions of traditional web pages , optimized to improve their performance on mobile devices. In this case, Rank Brain can detect user behavior to design a more responsive AMP. For example, it can reduce loading time, take you directly to the news or shopping section, or perhaps show you the most recent blogs , related to your search trends. chatbot Chatbots are small autonomous Artificial Intelligence resources, programmed to imitate a conversation with a real person. However, offer interaction, responsiveness and problem solving. This technology recognizes our language and allows us to have a conversation to resolve issues such as complaints or searches for information and products. They can also offer text, images, links, and other call-to-action buttons .

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