Apple Search Ads 3 Good Reasons to Adopt It the Advertising Tool Designed

Launched in 2016 in the united states. The advertising tool designed by apple has gradually been deployed on a global scale. Advertisers residing in the 59 countries and regions concerned can promote. Their applications for iPhone and iPad on the Germany Phone Number List app store. According to figures released by Apple, 65% of application downloads come from a search performed on the app store. Your paid search agency reveals why you should consider an apple search ads strategy. Apple search ads deploys its ads to the very top of the list of applications following your search. They appear on a blue background.

The Benefits of Apple Search Ads Apple Search Ads Deploys Its Ads

Costs are driven by app publishers as apple search ads’ system is auction-based. In addition, you will only compete with relevant applications thanks to the score given. By apple search ads and most often from the Germany Phone Number List same sector as you. Apple search ads give advertisers the opportunity to choose their target queries and buy keywords, unlike google ads. There are two options: a “basic” version: this is a very simple option as its name suggests. Apple and its algorithm choose for you the Germany Phone Number List keywords on which. It seems relevant to place bids.

Don’t Neglect Aso in Favor of Apple Search Ads App Store Optimization

Apple Search Ads is a bit like Google Ads in the app. Less fashionable, it is nonetheless interesting. It is difficult to compare them but it has similar functionalities and even different possibilities. However, this tool should not be Germany Phone Number List used as a replacement for your ASO, but rather as a compliment. Optimizing your ASO will allow you to limit the costs associated with these advertisements. If you wish to develop your reference, do not hesitate to call on your agency.

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