Apple Has Just Announced the Launch

Of Apple Card , a new service that promises to revolutionize, or at least innovate, the world of credit cards. In partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, Apple introduced its credit card, which will be available in physical and digital versions through its Apple Pay payment service and will go live this summer. The card will be made of titanium and will not have a signature, CCV, card number or expiration date, so the company privileged the security and privacy that will be around it, for example, purchases will have to be approved via Touch ID or FaceID . apple-card-2 Among the advantages that Apple mentioned, it stands out that they will not charge usage fees or penalties for not paying on time.

Apple assured that it will have the lowest interests in the market. In addition, Apple highlighted that the user will have a general overview of how he spends, since from Apple Pay he will be able to consult his movements, which will be classified according Tunisia Phone Number the category; for example: food, health and entertainment. This will allow customers to have greater control over their finances. Additionally, the service will reward each purchase with Daily Cash. Apple Card will return to the user the equivalent of: 3% of purchases on Apple products. 2% of each transaction made with the virtual card. 1% with the physical card.

Apple Card Will Also Use Machine

Learning and Apple Maps to translate the spending details on the card so that the customer will be able to know in a timely manner what, how and when the charge was made, which will allow them to have, once again, another opportunity to organize their personal finance. Apple Card will also have built-in support via iMessage . Apple Card Index of contents Without a doubt, Apple’s strategy again reflects the focus on the customer experience as a central part: Without a doubt, Apple’s strategy again reflects the focus on the customer experience as a central part: Facilitate the customer through different channels the acquisition of products . Guarantee the privacy and security of information : values ​​that today are a priority in the mind of the consumer.

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In Reality, They Are Much More

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