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Another application is to put nanorobots in our brains. And then connect with the cloud, so that people’s. Brains communicate directly through the cloud. These are probably technology roadmaps around 2030. Zhou hongyi: is god a software engineer Indonesia Phone Number programming human genes? Is the future. Of genetic modification engineering optimistic? Kurzweil: in 2003, it was thought that a disease was associated with only one gene. Actually it is not correct. Most diseases are associated with many genes. For example, if a disease Indonesia Phone Number is caused by a bad gene.then we can find this gene, screen it out of the patient. And then put the correct gene into the body to replace the bad gene, and the disease can be solved.

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Of more diseases are not so simple and direct. And there are many technological inventions that are being applied well. The heart Indonesia Phone Number disease gene, for example, has a 50% chance of heart damage. There is already a way to solve this problem by reprogramming stem cells. We can also better reassemble and improve genes Indonesia Phone Number through machine learning methods. Zhou hongyi: i believe that in the next five years, there will be 13-15 billion. Machines connected to the cloud. I’m curious to know if machines will become self-aware when so many. Machines are connected to the internet? Kurzweil: i believe we will integrate with machines. They will go into our bodies and brains and connect our brains to the cloud.

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Self-awareness can it be considered true Indonesia Phone Number artificial intelligence. How soon do you think it will appear? Computers are more powerful than humans. Will it think that humans are viruses and want. To eliminate humans even more? Kurzweil: there are a lot of movies about these things. My point is that the Indonesia Phone Number machines are not here yet, they are not against us or killing us. Now machines are just our tools to help us have a better life; they help us store. All our human knowledge and make us smarter. Although there is still a lot of debate, i believe this technology will make us more peaceful. Every technology has good and bad sides. And overall, it’s a double-edged sword.

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