And They Selectively Ignore Azerbaijan Phone Number

And they selectively ignore the simultaneous rapid expansion of the real economy. Waiting for a new round of innovation and growth. The internet Azerbaijan Phone Number industry is very easy to fall into a vicious. Circle of thinking, that is, “alley thinking”. Many people will seal themselves in a mindset, accumulating sunk costs one after another. In exchange for the ultimate way out, but forgetting whether they should look back and see. Why they must sink Azerbaijan Phone Number themselves into the alley among? Regarding rural e-commerce, it has become a “hot topic” in the past six months. Especially after taobao and made great efforts to promote. Rural e-commerce last year, is rural e-commerce a “gold mine” and has become a hot topic?

The Excitement of Rural Azerbaijan Phone Number

Fortunately, e-commerce topics has driven Azerbaijan Phone Number a number of websites. That were originally rooted in rural areas. It is said that cunchunle, which has been in development for five years. Won a valuation of 1 billion yuan last year! One is prosperous, one is lively! People who are not optimistic about Azerbaijan Phone Number rural e-commerce. Think that this is a “bad channel”, and the reason is very simple: first, people in rural areas are not concentrated enough. And the degree of internetization is limited; second, rural areas are too sensitive to prices, making it difficult for commodities. To sell at a sufficient premium here. Third, there is a lack of effective channels for rural promotion, and local promotion will cost a lot of promotion costs.

Those Who Are Optimistic Azerbaijan Phone Number?

Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers

About rural e-commerce believe that this is a “giant gold mine” because. First, rural people do not have a high level of internet access, and their Azerbaijan Phone Number immunity to advertising is poor. So they are easy to “fudge”; second, the overall number. Of users in rural areas is very high, and their market demand is very large. Third, rural resources are abundant, and “sellers. Have obvious advantages aside from buyers. For example, resources Azerbaijan Phone Number such as local specialties. Tourism, and handmade products will all be hot-selling products. It is true that whether rural e-commerce is a real gold mine. It is not easy to make an assertion before the results come out.

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