And the Tightening of Its Spain Phone Number

And the tightening of its copyright budget have begun. To withdraw from the stage of the music giant. In the turbulent times, tencent took the lead in Spain Phone Number winning the exclusive. Copyrights of six record companies including jewell. Huayan international, emperor, huayi, shaocheng, and lehua, and then two. Of the three major Spain Phone Number international record companies. (warner and sony) and one of the korean giants (yg), as well as the latest season. Of “china good song” and “i am a singer. Are also exclusive copyrights purchased by qq music. Last year, the author also contacted a cross-border. Copyright company, and it took two months to communicate about the mainland agency of some music libraries.

The Final Quotation Spain Phone Number

Was four times the original price. How much is the copyright value of these music libraries? Can tencent recover at least hundreds of millions of copyright expenses every year? The competition for “exclusive copyright. Has increased the prepaid Spain Phone Number price that is not in line with the market price, but the price itself is not the expected. Value of music content, but the expected. Value of gaining user time and raising competition barriers. Music copyright it is not only a “future” of the content industry. But a “future” of user time. This value Spain Phone Number logic is very similar to internet projects. That are valued by the number of users. But how does tencent, which bought the high point of music copyright, recover the cost?

In the Era of New Spain Phone Number

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Media, music is no longer a scarc Spain Phone Number consumer content. Music is competing with more entertainment methods, and users’ universal demand for “must listen” will become weaker and weaker. In a competitive market Spain Phone Number environment, users are more difficult to acquire than competitors. So the model of forcibly charging users that record companies generally. Support is not in line with market logic and will increase the risk of losing users. Taylor swift (taylor swift) dare to challenge users. With “not allowed to listen to my music for free” is a marketing case. She is a voice based on the existing brand and fan base.

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