And the 3 Seo Factors to Prioritize According to Google

We have often heard that the three pillars of natural referencing are content, technique, and net linking. The announcement made by one of Google’s Webmasters Trends Analysts, Martin Splitt, during an interview upsets the established order. It was during a filmed interview that the Cameroon Phone Number List lent himself to the game of questions and answers. Indeed, Google has just launched a YouTube series for SEO experts and developers to address the subject of SEO myths. The idea is to provide answers to frequently asked questions that can be encountered on SEO.

Content that uses the language used by Internet users

Martin Splitt explains that the number 1 SEO factor is not the framework you are going to use, but the content. It is essential that your site contains content and that it is, moreover, of very good quality, so that it brings added value to the Cameroon Phone number user. The content must, in fact, meet the needs of Internet users or something they are looking to do. It’s not enough to show how your company is the best. It is necessary to answer the requests of the Net surfers. The content must clearly respond to this. For example, if a user is looking for a specific product, Google will offer them pages offering this product. The content of your product page must therefore offer added value to the Internet user by precisely detailing the characteristics of the product.

The Terms Used in Your Content May Reflect Your Product

When the request does not concern a specific product, but a subject or a theme, then it is necessary to write content adapted to the needs of Internet users. Certainly, the keywords are important, but we must also focus on the purpose of the page, what it will Cameroon Phone Number List bring them. Martin Splitt explains: If your content mentions where you are, what you do, how you help me with what I’m trying to Cameroon Phone Number List accomplish, that’s fantastic. Martin Splitt also adds that it is important to focus on the expressions that Internet users use to do their Google searches. We know that they are increasingly using long-tail keywords and natural language. This is an evolution to take into account in its content.

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