Analytical mind: fundamental basis for web analysis

Any analyst will tell you that. Having an analytical mind. Is the main key to observing, analyzing. And drawing conclusions from any type. Of data to the best of your ability. The analytical mind is something. That we all have to a greater or lesser extent .And that must be worked on day by day to achieve more .And better web analysis and in general of any kind. But it is something that requires effort and change. Conceptual in the way of seeing and treating. The elements that surround us. And that is what we are going to deal with in this post. Index of contents 1. What characteristics does an analytical mind have. An analytical mind can be defined based on 5 conditions. Or fundamental points that must be fulfilled and followed. And they are the following. Analytical mind point. Observation this is the start of all analysis activity. Surely you have already heard that looking .Is not the same as observing that observing has a connotation of attention. Analysis well it is the same thing. The analyst observes the data and everything.

thing and the data is telling you just the opposite

That surrounds them. A data by itself never says anything. There has to be a context with different elements that must be analyzed for the understanding and, above all, the comprehension of the data and what they represent, and this is precisely why it is necessary, be a good observer. 1.2. Analytical mind point #2: order for a true analyst there is no “Order within disorder”, everything must be orderly and  Romania Phone Number unpolluted in order to work properly with the data. One of the main tasks of the analyst is planning for the subsequent configuration and structuring of data, and this is something that without order, it is impossible to do. 1.2.1. “the analyst collects unstructured data that says nothing and orders it to create useful and valuable information” 1.3. Point 3 of the analytical mind: it does not make a priori judgments frequently.And more so in the world of marketing, there is a tendency to standardize and make judgments about studies carried out as scientific laws. This is a tremendous error and that no self-respecting analyst takes as a reference when carrying out his activity.

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The analytical mind works with data, makes judgments based on data, never on opinions, however expert they may be. The only studies of reliable and valid secondary sources for an analyst are those of organizations such as the ine, sectoral associations, or other sources that provide valid, reliable and frequently updated data. Except in the case of scientific laws, data is susceptible to deviations, changes and evolutions over time, and based on a multitude of independent variables, sometimes many of them uncontrolled: what works today does not have to work tomorrow , and these data and their context must always be evaluated without taking anything for granted. 1.4. Analytical mind point #4: segment to the max the analyst segments as much as possible. Absolute data is data that says nothing, you have to segment it so that it speaks and provides us with information, and the more you segment and work on it. A curious mind that is constantly asking questions and looking for answers by investigating.





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