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An industry that is likely to need long-term subsidies calls for smarter subsidy methods. In late may, taxi red envelopes appeared. The first person Belgium Phone Number to do this is didi taxi. Passengers use wechat pay to successfully pay the taxi fare and return to didi to have the opportunity to receive a red envelope. The red envelope can Belgium Phone Number shared in the circle of friends or wechat conversations. Even so / though, that wechat friends can grab it together. Taxi red envelopes, after grabbing them, you can use them the next time you use didi taxi. Subsidy evolution cheng wei explained his motivation for doing. This in an interview with tencent technology. The cash subsidy is not unaffordable, but this method is too simple.

More Users Are Belgium Phone Number

Subsidized, and less users not subsidized. Wei hai, product director of kuaidi, another taxi software that quickly followed up on the red envelopes Belgium Phone Number for taxis, told geek park that investing in red envelopes. To stimulate users to take taxis has obvious effects. Compared with cash subsidies, red envelope subsidies. Have an essential difference – it has the ability to Belgium Phone Number spread. Further through the relationship chain. That is to say, the cash subsidy is only applicable to one user. Even so / though, purchases this product and uses this service, and cannot prevent a single user from repeatedly enjoying the subsidy. The red envelope is completely different.

The Red Envelope Belgium Phone Number

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Even so / though, here is not a red Belgium Phone Number envelope in the traditional sense. Its value explosion is inseparable from wechat. At this time last year, just a few days before the spring festival. Many people found that their wechat instantly swiped by red envelopes. It took three months to develop and detonated within a day, making all internet Belgium Phone Number users. Remember this highly creative and super infectious product. Wechat red envelopes are extremely easy to use. With almost no thresholds, and at the same time. They have a very game-like design the way of grabbing, the randomness of the amount. Such products put into the rich social soil of wechat and will take root and sprout immediately.

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