Although He Worked Hard Egypt Phone Number

Although he worked hard, he still could not escape the fate of being blocked. Eight hours later, all entrances of alipay were killed by micro-envelopes. Grabbing the red envelope is just a brand marketing noise for the platform? Last year’s spring Egypt Phone Number festival wechat red envelopes were very popular. According to analysys international data. Tenpay’s mobile payment market share reached 9.55% in the first quarter of 2014. It was also Egypt Phone Number rumored that jack ma had been restless for this. Of course, there are marketing and public relations factors in the red envelope war. At the special node of the spring festival. All major platforms should do something to prove their presence.

But the Core Driver Egypt Phone Number

Of red envelopes is the business sector. For the bat giants, traffic e-commerce is undoubtedly the main battlefield for the next round of Egypt Phone Number competition. Needless to say, baidu is doing takeaways as wallets, and ali, tencent is taking advantage of the concept of wechat e-commerce. And in addition to the traffic that Egypt Phone Number they are good at, the battle point of the war is actually on the payment side. Although payment is the last link in the entire e-commerce transaction. It is the most important link. Because online payment needs to be bound to financial products. Such as bank cards, the cost of user registration is relatively high. In a short period of time. It may be easier to obtain users with their own subsidies.

But If There Egypt Phone Number

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The incentive to use it for a long time. Users are likely to abandon it and become a “zombie” registration. User. Therefore, the competition surface Egypt Phone Number of the payment terminal lies in the market. Share of payment and the transaction amount of the frequency of use, but it is actually the projection of the payment. Terminal of the online transaction situation. In a sense, payment and online transactions are Egypt Phone Number mutually supportive. If there is no online transaction, mobile payment will lose. The soil of existence, and if there is no payment terminal, online transactions. Will simply become a traffic realization platform without competition. Barrier. Therefore, we can say that the noisy red envelope. War on the surface is actually the fuse of the war at the online. Transaction end, not the brand sense that the brand marketing masters talk about.

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