ALSA falls in love with its followers

The objectives The data ALSA scratch card: instant prizes for travel the dynamics. From February 7 to 14, ALSA launched its Valentine’s Day contest with the dynamic. Therefore, Instant Win, a type of contest that the company had never done before and that, as the Arnold Madrid Social Media team tells us. Therefore, The advertising agency responsible for managing the transport company’s campaigns. The Instant Win dynamic was chosen because it is an activity that actively engages. The user and keeps them attentive and interested in participating. Thus, at certain minutes of the day. Users who accessed the campaign application could receive.  Cupid’s crush and instantly win prizes , codes for 250. Bus plus points that could be exchanged for tickets to travel to the destination of their choice.

Therefore, Users only had to enter their data in a simple participation form. In which they were required to name, surname and email and, automatically. The application showed them a message instantly indicating whether they had been winners or not. Therefore, In the fifteen days of the scratch and win contest. ALSA distributed 20 prizes each day. Therefore, The objectives The main objective of this scratch card game was to collect data from ALSA users. In addition to generating a positive image among the community. Encouraging engagement and thus maintaining feedback with users.

Increasing a Consolidated Community

Therefore, The data ALSA’s Valentine’s Day campaign, among other things. Helped generate new followers for the company on Facebook. Increasing a consolidated community with more than 111,400 followers by more than 500 people. And it has been increasing thanks. Among other actions, to the exclusive offers and contests that ALSA launches. In order to generate a loyal community of followers. In addition, the Instant Win contest obtained outstanding participation data, more than 1,600 participants. Therefore, A good figure, similar to the participation data of the actions carried out by the transport company on social networks.

Therefore, The keys to Instant Win contest One of the main benefits of this type of scratch card contest is that. The participants know that they have won the prizes instantly. But the rest of the participants will not know until the end of each phase. And, in the case of not being winners. They can try again. In this way, users will continue to participate throughout the entire phase of the contest. Generating a commitment from the participants with the campaign.

That Commitment Is Reflected in the High

Therefore, That Commitment Is Reflected in the High Percentage of Conversion Data from Scratch-Off Campaigns. in the Case of Alsa, the Total Global Conversion Percentage Was Close to Reaching 68%. Launching Campaigns on Social Networks Is Essential to Publicize a Brand, but as Arnold Madrid Points Out, What Is Achieved Is to Improve the Experience of Those Who Are Already Fans of the Page, Who Already Know the Brand. and Thanks to These More Loyal Users, It Is Possible to Reach New Potential Audiences, Therefore, Who Can Also Become, in the Case of Alsa, New Travellers.

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