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After the model is built, with the continuous investment of time. Money, brainpower and data, the rate of return is getting slower and slower. Roughly Philippines Phone Number speaking, it only takes a few months. To get to 80% correct, but to get the last 20%, you have to spend years, if not never. This is why you will be in watson and autopilot. The reason for seeing extreme scenarios in some demos, like a dog suddenly jumping in front of a Philippines Phone Number at lightning speed. The demo itself doesn’t make much sense. But what you want to see is how they respond 10%-20% edge cases). At this stage of the maze, you can choose to 1) try to get close to 100% correct, or 2) build a partially correct but usable product.

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Building “fault-tolerant ux user experience, customer experience. Build fault-tolerant ux there are some good examples of fault tolerance Philippines Phone Number in user experience. Such as autocorrection in ios, and google search for “did you mean x?”. You could also say that google search itself is a fault-tolerant customer experience. Showing 10 results per Philippines Phone Number search, instead of going directly to the first connection, the user has manual control even if the machine fails. Building a fault-tolerant user experience doesn’t mean surrender, but it does mean a different set of product requirements. For example, if you want humans and machines to work together. Then latency becomes important.

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Affect your technical framework. However, if you intend Philippines Phone Number to achieve 100% accuracy. What should you do? Algorithms will not help you get the remaining 10-20%. You can only train your model with more data. For ai, data is the key, because 1we already have good algorithms and endless computing resources. The only missing Philippines Phone Number link in data, and 2 data is the most critical link. Algorithms are shared resources for the research community. Public datasets are difficult to achieve good results. Good datasets are either private or have not yet appeared. Further subdivision even if you are already in a segment, try to segment further.

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