According the Data Two Year Ago It Was 65 Percent of People

Social networks have revolutionized the dynamics of communication. And the way of interacting both between. Users and between brands and consumers. It is not for nothing that more than 2.6 billion users. Worldwide agree on them. Social Cyprus Phone Number List networks have revolutionized. The dynamics of communication and the way of interacting. Both between users and between brands and consumers. It is not for nothing that more than 2.6 billion. Users worldwide agree on them. This is the conclusion of a recent report by the. Pew research center, regarding the Cyprus Phone Number List adoption of this type . Of platform and the internet in which it was found that the percentage. Of smartphone and social network users are almost the same. As in 2016. According to the data two years ago there were 65 percent of people. Who said they had broadband internet in their homes.

These Data Could Give Greater Weight to the Results Obtained

By a study carried out by hill holiday and origin. Which concludes that users belong to generation. Are taking a certain distance from social networks. Something that is understood even more when various. Data are recalled that speak about facebook beginning. To lose interest on the part of this segment of the population. And that it even has a decrease in users. However there are social networks Cyprus Phone number that still maintain. Considerable growth rates, such as instagram. Which gained more than 300 million users in one year. Although the cases of fb twitter and snapchat are serious. They are still growing, so it cannot yet be considered a crisis. In addition the pew study finds areas of opportunity. Regarding the possession of computers both pc and laptop. From 78 percent reported in 2016 to 73 percent this year.

To Be Considered by Marketers Such as the Fact That the Use

Or access to the internet only through the smartphone is growing. Since two years ago it was barely 12 percent and. It has already grown to 20 percent. He also points to the rapid adoption of the. Internet of things iot noting that american Cyprus Phone Number List households are embracing. Home assistants like home pod google. Home and amazon echo given this context it is noted that although. The general adoption of basic internet technologies has stagnated. There are signs that reflect a dynamism in other. Areas of the market, which marketers must keep in mind in. Order to understand consumer behavior . And thus, design better communication strategies. Very similar to the current 67 percent trend similar to the one presented.


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