A good nostalgia and tribute, arguably the best movie

Directed by Ivan Reitman in 1984 and written by Daniel Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, “Devil’s Slayer” was a hit in the 1980s. Whirlwind is a film and television classic for the growing generation in the 1980s. Because the movie was so popular, it also released a rare sequel at the time. In 1989’s “Devil Buster 2”, although the word of o release as many sequels as the “Lethal Weapon” series. In addition to creative considerations, of course there are also practical factors.


The protagonist Bill Murray established a generation

of comedy comedians because of “Devil’s Bane”, but his subsequent personal career was not Portugal Phone Number very successful, so he did not want to appear in the sequel. . Although Dan Ayklord and Harold Ramis tried to find someone to replace, the original flavor was lost and the script was difficult to produce, and the production has been delayed. This makes the movie after 1989, although audiences and filmmakers are happy to see the sequel, but it is always difficult to produce. Do not expand the world view, follow t

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The use of old-fashioned technology to catch ghosts

(no new techniques) and vulgar plots not only desecrated the originality and classics of the original in the 1980s, but also failed to leave commendable content in addition to entertainment. And the

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