A Disappointing First Experience This Is Therefore Not the First Attempt

After its “Direct” application was shut down last May, Instagram decided not to let its idea go up in smoke. Facebook is in the development phase of a new instant messaging application, complementary to Instagram: Threads. Your SMO agency will give you more details. This is therefore not the first attempt to dissociate between main application and messaging for. Facebook for its photo and video sharing application.

Snapchat in Sight After This Failure Facebook Is Not Especially Worried

Sure of its fact, the silicon valley company seems to want to embark again on. Its idea of ​​developing a private messaging application, complementary to instagram. His team now seems better armed, having collaborated internally with the Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List team working on facebook. And according to initial feedback. The application seems similar to the private messaging integrated into the parent application instagram. The only notable differences will be the messages.  You can also use the features around taking photos/videos like on instagram. Or even around stories, which you can view from threads.

Another Important Point Will Be the Focus on “close Friends”

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The concept has been developed for some time on instagram. With this possibility of creating groups of friends in order to share exclusive content. The idea would be to compete with the snapchat application. Indeed, users spend more time on the ghost app than users spend time on instagram. A trend that marc zuckerberg is trying to reverse by all means. Even if he has to take inspiration from his competitor; positioning and location sharing was. For example, inspired by ghost mode (from snapchat), to name a few.

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