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Benefits of a Blog for your Company Website Consolidate the leadership of your brand in the sector where you seek to position yourself within an industry. Derived from the above, you become stronger as a point of reference with updated information to which to go. You build trust. Posting periodically allows you to create a link that allows you to say to your client: “I know him” . According to HubSpot research, 71% of global consumers say blogging affects their purchasing decision.

attract traffic One of the main advantages of having a Blog on your company’s website is that you can position yourself better in search engines and attract prospects and new leads. The keywords you use play in your favor to create a specific niche that Colombia Phone Numbers over time also links your brand with those specific words. Drive calls to action. Through information that entertains and information to customers, the CAT (Call to Action), flow better to invite them to do a specific action; either share the content, answer a question, fill out a form, among some examples. CTAs allow you to generate interactions with your audience.

Having a Blog for Your Company’s

One of the most important strategies you can have in Digital Marketing. We live a year of changes and adjustments; brands adapt to their markets and changes in customers. Despite the adverse effects on the economy and health, the World Economic. Forum assured in recent days that the pandemic contributed to technological progress in record time. The world advanced technologically 10 years in 3 months, which will leave out companies. Sectors and will have effects of all kinds on society and the economy. World Economic Forum (WEF) Brands deserve. Found by their real customers and grow in presence with potential customers.

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Above all, word blog comes from the abbreviation of weblog, which in Spanish translates as “web registration” . That is why the basic meaning of the blog is that of a logbook or digital diary. Where content is “registered” chronologically. In this sense, some words are derived that help us to better locate the activity of the Blog on our website. Blog-2019 Blogging. Above all, Which in Spanish would be “bloguear”, it is used in different ways to refer. For example, to the fact of editing/writing/managing a blog.

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Above all, is important that you share the type of content that represents added value on your website based on your goals and the profile of your buyer person . One of the most important factors of your business is getting your website found by search engines. For the purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , a blog is a website on which content is published from time to time in the form of articles (also called posts). Above all, this way, every time you write a blog, you are creating a page that helps your website to rank better.

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