6 Practical Keys for a Successful

A successful Christmas campaign requires creativity and strategy to achieve the goals that have been set. Finally, there comes a time when the audience is more receptive. Even with the year that we have all experienced, your brand can take advantage of the trends that are reported for the season: A 30% increase in global online commerce is expected this holiday season , up from 8% growth in 2019. (Salesforce) Digital sales will reach $940 billion globally (Salesforce) For example: for El Buen Fin 2020 , a survey applied to 1,752 online buyers, highlighted that 7 out of 10 of them planned to purchase a product or service during the days of the campaign.

(Mexican Association of Online Sales) In addition, the holiday marketing season kicked off earlier due to consumers’ need to ensure their orders arrive in time for the holidays, health and safety concerns, product shortages and shipping delays. How Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers to make a difference in a time when you compete for seconds of attention and for your message to reach your real and potential customers? successful-christmas-campaigns Index of contents Keys to a successful Christmas campaign 1. Analyze your previous results 2. Generate Expectation 3. Generate recall with the elements of your brand 3. Humanize your brand 4. Will your offers extend after Christmas or will they be exclusive?

There Are Many Designs or Elements

Christmas is synonymous with gifts and personalization 6. Brand Experience: fulfill your orders in high temporalities. Conclution: Keys to a successful Christmas campaign 1. Analyze your previous results A time like Christmas requires attention on our part to identify what has worked for us in previous campaigns. Measuring what works Online and Offline will allow you to know the tastes of your audience and focus on strategies with the type of content that you know works. Doing social listening to find out what your Ideal Client expects for the season can also work as a starting point. 2.

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However, Expectation Through the different content formats, “dressing” your brand for. Christmas will allow you not only to create the environment to prepare. Your audience for the promotions or gifts you have for them , but also to give the client space to consider. You in their first purchase decisions. successful-christmas-campaigns 3. Generate recall. The elements of your brand There are many designs or elements that speak of Christmas campaigns beyond relying. On the classic elements. The graphic resources that you can use to congratulate. Your clients in e-mail marketing or leave a holiday greeting phrase on your website. Everything aligned the style of your brand will allow you to create a design line that speaks for itself and that allows. Your customers to identify your Christmas Campaigns. successful-christmas-campaigns 3.


Humanize your brand Especially this year: telling stories that allow your customers to get to know the face of the people behind your brand will allow you to create a very special bond of trust. Through E-Mail Marketing you can create Christmas campaigns that delight customers; arouse emotions and promote togetherness and participation, whether connecting people with their loved ones or collaborating with charities. However,  your offers extend after Christmas or will they be exclusive? Speaking of digital campaigns, this should be one of the first factors that you must define before your advertising campaign starts rolling, for example, on Facebook.

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