6 Link Building Myths That Need to Die in 2017

Google has confirmed that links remain one of the top two ranking factors, with data showing that pages without backlinks are less likely to rank. Despite the vital role links play in SEO, year after year we see and hear misinformation and Armenia Email List myths surrounding links and link acquisition. This is partly due to Google’s evolving search algorithm and partly due to the search community. With the introduction of Penguin 4.0 and integration with Google’s core algorithms, Link Building Myths the search engine has undergone subtle changes in real time.   It’s important to dismiss Armenia Email List any myths that continue to exist in links. With such critical SEO, it is vital that we eliminate any misinformation.

Linking Myth  Link Building Link Building Myths Dead

In this post, my goal is to present some of the more common link building myths How many times have you heard it? “The link is losing strength as a signal”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard SEO predict the emergence of new signals and subsequent link deaths. Apps threaten the need for classic online navigation and Armenia Email List linking. Rankbrain introduced more powerful artificial intelligence into the algorithm and heralded the end of Google’s reliance on links. Other than that, none of these situations actually happened the way SEO predicted. In fact, Armenia Email List links are still vital to the online economy. They are as important in searches today as ever, and the web itself would be impossible to navigate without links.

Nofollow links have zero value Link Building Myths SEO

But you have to build real links that are relevant to your business and provide value to the network. Some are afraid of penalties and often cite several black hat link building scams. Some people reject link building, claiming that link Armenia Email List building simply doesn’t work , and opt for PPC. Building low-quality links is a recipe for disaster. If you’re trying to manipulate your way into links and better rankings, you’ll want link building to be dead. link is a link with tag that instructs search engines not to flow link equity. SEOs have always hated Armenia Email List links, even when protected from authentic sources that have the potential to drive relevant traffic. 

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