4. The battle for “Zero Position” through Featured Snippets will continue.

Most voice searches are answered through a rich answer box that appears at the top of the search results Many of these boxes provide public domain information, such as how many ounces are in a pound, which Google answers via Instant Answers Featured Snippets, on the other hand, are pulled from any website Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List  on the first page of results. Even better, Google honors these brands in both regular and voice searches Featured snippets are easier to implement because you only need to put it on the Position through Featured first page, not the first. If you’re already ranking on the first page, you’ll only need to Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List make small tweaks rather than overhauling your existing SEO strategy.

Voice search will become Position through Featured the norm

Featured snippets answer questions that help people go, learn, Or do something. Perform long-tail keyword research to Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List  find these questions and answer them in your content Make it easy for Google to read and understand your content by framing your questions in title tags and then answering them quickly. Tabular and bulleted information is also a great format for featured snippets Tim did an interesting study of the 2 million featured clips on Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List that share some important content For voice searches, Google will introduce the answer by saying “Based on [your site]” or “We found this information on [your site].”

Google AdWords may not be reliable for your business in 2018

This means that brands can benefit from increased brand awareness. However, because Google pronounces website names, having a pronounceable brand name can become even more important for awareness Radio testing is when people are able to hear your brand name (like on a radio) and then easily Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List understand and remember it for later use. The new brand will need to write the company name so the voice assistant can Position through Featured pronounce it correctly According to The vast majority (97%) of consumers use search to search for online reviews of local businesses Consumers don’t search for your local business; they look for “the best (type of business)”. Directory and Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List review sites rule these searches, so SEOs need to treat them as their own search engine.

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