4 Best Practices for a Successful Landing Page Final Victory

The fact that a user clicks on your ad is not a final victory. However, your landing page must be relevant and effective enough so that the people who clicked on the ad do not leave the landing page in a hurry. As a reminder, a landing page is the web page to which Internet users are redirected after clicking on a Google Ads advertisement. It is therefore essential to take care of this page to guide users to your goal. This can be filling out a form, downloading a file, making contact, taking out a subscription or even making a purchase. In addition, Google’s advertising network takes this landing page into account. Indeed, it is evaluated by Google Ads through an indicator that can affect the position of your advertisements.

Why Optimize Your Landing Page Several Signals

Google’s algorithms are able to detect whether internet users appreciate the quality of your landing page. Compared to those of your competitors, in particular by analyzing the time spent on your landing page. From this results an indicator that google calls the usability of a landing page. It is this indicator that will affect the ranking and competition of ads. Thus, the more time users will spend on the Jordan WhatsApp Number List page after they have clicked on the ad. The more it will appear in a better position in the ranking of google ads ads. In other words, a successful landing page will have. A positive impact on your marketing objective when people are on the page, but also after. Your target audience will have a better chance of seeing your ad appear later.

To Get a Better Position for Your Google Ads Ads

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It’s not just the usability of the page that is taken into account by Google Ads. The latter has created a quality indicator to assess the relevance of ads, but also landing pages. This is a formula that gives a score from 1 to 10. Although we do not know its calculation, we can guess some of its components such as the click-through rate of an ad , its relevance or its landing page . Regarding the latter, the more it will be consistent with the keywords chosen for the ad, the higher the quality score will be . Like page usability, Quality Score affects Ad Rank, and therefore CPC.

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