2016 State of Link Building Survey

Google shifted from a “Mobile-first” Philosophy to an “AI-first” philosophy. Since 2010, Google has been reciting the “Mobile first” Mantra. As Google began experimenting with mobile-first indexing in 2016, The idea wasn’t entirely abandoned. In October 2016, Google CEO Barbados Email List State Link Building announced the shift in a post. Google’s official blog. The first signs of this shift came in February, When Amit Singhal announced he was stepping down as Google’s head of search. Soon after, Google announced that he would be replaced by John Barbados Email List , Senior vice president of engineering and head of machine learning.

Google moves from ‘mobile-first’ to ‘State Link Building AI-first

This machine-learning AI system helps Google interpret searches by finding pages that may not contain the search term, Essentially helping Barbados Email List Google better understand natural language. The fact that Rank Brain is already the third most important signal in search speaks. Their investment in machine learning. Search is Google’s flagship (and most profitable) product, And they commission machine learning algorithms to have a major impact. On how Barbados Email List search results are delivered. Google is also State Link Building investing in artificial intelligence in other areas of its business,

Moz refocuses State Link Building SEO

Translate to self-driving cars. Google even launched some open-source AI experiments like “Quick, Draw!” You sketch when Google’s State Link Building neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing. Come and try it, It’s fun! Google also built an artificial intelligence called. AlphaGo to compete with humans in the Barbados Email List ancient Asian game of Go. AlphaGo defeated State Link Building world champion Lee Sedol (4-1) in a best-of-five game, A victory that marked a historic milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. The truth is, While Barbados Email List mobile-first is still important to Google. (See: Google’s mobile-friendly updates), The company has moved beyond mobile-first into an AI-first philosophy.

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