Some Tips to Reveal Your “Invisible Content”In this age of marketing, content is king , but no monarch can succeed if no one knows about it. The same thing happens to the content that you do not promote. It is “invisible content”; It is on the web and on social networks, but it does not generate traffic, likes, interactions or leads. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 82% of B2B marketers prefer to use Social Media to generate traffic. However, BuzzSummo also reports that social sharing has decreased by as much as 50% since 2015. There is a lack of visibility in content marketing that we need to address.

So here are 8 tips that will reveal invisible content, attract customers, and promote your brand. Index of contents Give value With the Jesus in the mouth Take your time Partner with influencers Create, but also plan Search and deliver experience Solve needs Start with 20 people Give value hidden-content Insinuates what they can’t see Content is a Uganda Phone Number gift: it is better to give it than to receive it, because you know that it has value for others. In order for them to love it, you need to wrap it up well, sharing its context : tell them what your content is about, but also emphasize why it matters. How can you help them solve a problem? Besides, why would a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter user, respectively, see it? The wrapper should fit the channel: videos for YouTube, images for Instagram, etc.

With the Jesus in the Mouth

Don’t give them the entire solution in one bite. Create content in such a way that, as the consumer scrolls, they say: “I want to know more!”. Tell them about a secret weapon, or connect through personal experiences you could share with customers. Take your time happy logo The science of the logo The traditional practice is to finish the content, publish it and share it in all available communication channels. That is worth it? Content is not successful because of where it is published, but when it is published. First, share it through an email; wait a day or two for your customers and leads to find it, see it and digest it. Then, promote it on a social network, respectively .

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Start with Facebook, then Instagram and continue with the others, every day. Partner with influencers They are better at capturing attention on social media than a brand alone. Influencers have so much charisma and charm in the digital world that they already surpass the communication power of traditional media. Choose them based on the specific quantity (followers, reach) and quality (engagement, purchase motivation, conversation) they can bring to the content. Then, collaborate with them to find the best channels to share. Create, but also plan The idea is to create content and then share it… how is it spread? What’s the plan? That is what does not always develop.

Define Audience, Dates, Channels

Objectives, keywords , hashtags, CTAs and UTM parameters. Another good plan is to publish the content on allied networks, where the audience is similar to yours . In the end, your promotion plan (and the content itself) should have 5 means of diffusion; otherwise, it’s not worth sharing. Search and deliver experience If you already lived it and solved it, share it. The best content is the one based on experiences. So look for experts who can help you tell your own stories on your digital channels. Users will engage more with texts, videos or posts that give them empirical knowledge.

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