10 B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies You Should Use

You don’t need to show all platform There is no need to show the entire platform as Lithuania Phone Number List not all platforms are relevant to every specific customer. Plus, it drags the demo out and turns into too much acting and telling Instead, I think the best demos are when you’re talking to customers and taking a more relationship-Lithuania Phone Number List oriented approach – you’re trying to solve a business challenge together. Don’t show and tell, don’t ask and show. Turn it from a pitch to more of a consulting conversation. There’s a reason some of the best salespeople are consultants, they Lithuania Phone Number List know how to drive conversations and act as guides.

UK’s Top 50 B2B Marketing Awards 2020

Make sure you understand your product inside and out. This can help you Lithuania Phone Number List answer any technical questions you may face. Be Lithuania Phone Number List honest about everything; don’t lie and say your product does something it can’t actually do. Talk to your product management and development team before any demo and Lithuania Phone Number List make sure you understand all elements of the software. It’s even handy to have them nearby in case you can’t answer a question and need more technical expertise. Ask them what they think Lithuania Phone Number List about what they have seen.

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Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but this demo isn’t about you, it’s about the client! Some of the B2B SaaS product demos I’ve witnessed are so…how shall I say…self-centered? I’m not trying to Lithuania Phone Number List be negative, I’m just saying that the demonstrators seem to be talking too much about themselves and their companies. They didn’t ask my opinion! Ask for comments on your saas , always, always ask your prospects for a demo. Did it answer their original question? This can help you see if your demo is useful. If it doesn’t fully answer their Lithuania Phone Number List question, ask for more details and show them something that will answer the question. Also, ask if they can see themselves using it. It gets them on the spot and you’d be surprised how many people say yes.

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